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Hi and Welcome!I have practiced law in the Dallas County area for more than 20 years as a workers compensation and personal injury plaintiff's attorney. I started my own firm in January of 1996 so that I could have a more general civil practice.

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Although not a popular thing to say in Texas: I was born and raised in Oklahoma. I still have family there but I have lived and worked in Dallas, Texas long enough to consider myself a Texan.

I was born in 1957 in Enid, Oklahoma where I graduated from high school in 1975. I was active in speech, debate and drama societies as well as the usual teenage activities of church and friends.

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Worker's Compensation

I represent injured workers who have been hurt on the job and who are employed by a Texas company. Some of my clients have workers' compensation claims. Others have a non-subscriber cause of action. In Texas, workers' compensation insurance coverage is not required by employers. Those employers not covered under workers' compensation are called non-subscribers.

If your employer pays for workers' compensation insurance, you are entitled to medical care and sometimes to money if you are hurt on the job,

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Negligence Claims

I often hear complaints that "people sue too much" or "people make up claims." I hear references to "the McDonald's case" in which a woman burned by the coffee was awarded a large judgement by a jury. I don't believe someone who is making up a claim should be handed money. I do believe that in our system of justice a person injured as a result of someone's negligence has every right to pursue that claim and to ask for monetary damages based on the facts of that case. The extreme cases make good headlines while we don't hear about everyday justice.

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